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Paypal It is an online payment system that provides for the opening of an account at Paypal.

By choosing this mode, after clicking "Send order", you are re-deduced to a page of the PayPal site where you can insert e-mails and passwords of the PayPal account, to be able to pay the order.

For each transaction performed with this method, a confirmation email is sent from Paypal.
The amount of the order is charged to the Paypal account when taking charge of the order. confirms the entrusting of the order to the courier by sending an SMS and an email to the contact details indicated by the customer in the order itself.

The order paid with Paypal, before being entrusted to the courier, could be subjected directly with Paypal to a "genuine verification" (verification with which the actual ownership of the PayPal account is ascertained).

In the event that a "authenticity verification" is activated, the customer will be notified by by email.
This verification requires on average 2 working days.

In the event that the payment is made by users registered on foreign paypal sites, the evasion of the order will take place on the first working day following creation.

If PayPal communicated to  Any irregularity, It will proceed with the cancellation of the order by giving contextual communication by e-mail.

In case of cancellation, the amount is reimbursed to the customer's PayPal account.

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