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🤩A extra 10% discount on all your cart
🤩A extra 10% discount on all your cart

Customer service

If talking to a human being in real life is your passion, for your happiness you can contact our team by e-mail (see below).

Help and faq

1. as delivery takes place and what happens if there is nobody in the house?
The courier makes two delivery attempts, leaving a notice in the mailbox each time. If in both cases you are not at home, you can contact the courier of your city and agree for a subsequent delivery, or for the collection at its headquarters.

2. How can I withdraw from the purchase?
Your customer rights are protected by Legislative Decree 206/2005. Therefore, you can withdraw from the contract, even partially, without explanations and without aggravation of expenses, provided that it communicates the withdrawal by registered letter with return receipt to Mitrovo S.r.l, within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the products.
The communication can be anticipated, within the same term, by e-mail to on condition that it is confirmed by registered letter with return receipt within the following 48 hours.
In this communication you must specify the desire to withdraw from the purchase and the product or the products for which you intend to exercise the right of withdrawal, attaching a copy of the docuamnti of transport. You must therefore return the product or products at your expense, sending it to Mitrovo S.r.l., via Portugal 11, interior 7 35135, Padua. You will be refunded the entire amount within 14 days from the acceptance of the return. The first leg costs will remain in any case at your expense, equal to € 7.50.

3. Were the payment methods accepted?
You can choose between various payment methods: credit card, Paypal, bank transfer.

4. Are prices on the website including VAT?
Yes, all prices include VAT.

5. Do you cancel an order placed?
If you have not yet received confirmation of the reception of the order, you can cancel your order by making it directly from your profile. Otherwise, you can always exercise the right of withdrawal. From the moment the order has been escaped, therefore during shipping, you can no longer cancel your order. In this case, you will have to wait to receive the package and send it back, at your expense. Following our checks on the return package and the integrity of the goods, we will refund you within 14 days and you can place a new order. The first leg costs will remain in any case at your expense, equal to € 7.50.

6. The payment by credit card involves risks?
Payment by credit card is safe. The transmission of information takes place according to the highest security standard and is guaranteed by Verisign: the data of your credit card are totally illegible to third parties and are transmitted directly to our credit institution.

7.Mitrovo send abroad?
Yes, at the rates reported according to the country of destination.

8. WHE can I contact in case of problems in the purchase phase and/or technical problems?
You can contact us through the email or by calling us at 049 7800573 or quickly from your smartphone on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Customer service is active from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.

9. What do I have to do when I receive the ordered goods?
At the time of the delivery of the goods by the courier, it checks that the number of hills corresponds to that indicated in the transport document and that the package is intact or not altered. Any damage to the package (for example the replacement of our adhesive with that of the courier) and/or damage to the products or the failure to match the number of hills must be immediately contested by means of a written control reserve, on the courier's delivery test. Once the Corriere document has been signed, in fact, you will no longer be able to oppose any dispute on the external characteristics of the package that has been delivered to you.

10. How can I make use of the product warranty?
The products are covered by the legal guarantee of conformity (or legal guarantee), provided for by Legislative Decree 206/2005 "Consumer Code" to articles 128-135, which establishes the liability of the seller for the defects of conformity of the goods sold in the own points of sale. For the methods to be followed to make use of the warranty, consult the guarantees on the products.

11. What should I do to make a complaint?
You can forward a complaint by writing to, calling us at 049 7800573, quickly contacting us from your smartphone on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or by sending the report to Mitrovo s.r.l., via Portugal 11, interior 7 35135, Padova

12.When I make a purchase, is the accompanying invoice issued?
No. If you do not request the invoice during your order, its issue is not mandatory, as indicated in the Presidential Decree of 26/10/1972 n. 633 - Art.22. The data for issuing the invoice must be entered in the section " View the cart ". If the data will be entered incorrect or incomplete, the invoice issue will not be accepted. Variations are not allowed after the issue.
To exercise the rights of withdrawal and guarantee on the products, you simply show the order confirmation document or the transport document.

13. How can I do in case of navigation problems and/or display problems on the site?
You can report it immediately by writing to or quickly from your smartphone on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

14. What does it happen if the product I ordered is exhausted?
In the extraordinary case in which a product is exhausted, we will contact the customer to inform him about any waiting times and/or to offer him one or more equivalent items in terms of quality/price ratio or we will reimburse. In the latter case we will reimburse only on the goods not available. Sometimes the products ordered are not available in the warehouse. The availability declared on the site is updated several times a day but it can happen that it is not precise for products with very limited availability. The customer will be promptly notified in the event of a product not available.

15. So that there are delays in the shipping of the package?
Not always the order is not always placed immediately the shipment immediately. Sometimes delays can occur in the shipment due to the lack of one or more products ordered and not temporarily available. It is therefore necessary to wait for the arrival of the products requested by the customer and not available. When the availability is complete, the label is printed, and then proceed with the packaging and shipping.

16. What times do they interchange between the creation of the label and the shipment?
Times depend on the packaging procedures according to the regulations. Generally the times are around mid -day or a whole day, and then continue with the expedition. In case of payment by bank transfer, the order will be processed at the time of receiving the payment.

17. WHE Could you request the invoice?
The invoice can only be requested during order, by VAT holders and private individuals without VAT with a recipient code or a PEC box. For those who are not in possession of a VAT number, recipient code or PEC box, it will not be possible to issue electronic invoice but only transport document. Invoice variations are not allowed after the issue. Each order is in its own right, in case of multiple orders, the consumer must enter the data necessary for the issue of the invoice in each of the aforementioned.

18. damaged packet or non -compliant goods with how orderly?
In the event that he has received a damaged package or the goods inside the package does not correspond to what is ordered, he can send us a complaint by highlighting and demonstrating the non -compliant goods. Following verification, if the error is under our responsibility, it will have the opportunity to receive a shopping voucher of the value of the non -compliant product, to be used in the next purchases.